de Heilige en Mystieke Alchemie van de Grote Piramide

 Egypt - Purple Pyramid Fountain


                         Sacred Alchemy of the Kings Chamber


Initiation of the Infinity Sarcophagus Into Blue-Body Frequency

 (UltaViolet) – ( Kings Chamber)

The Chamber of Infinity Sarcophagus was also known as the Hall of Judgment, Resolution  and Resurrection or the Blue Light Initiation in schools of Ancient Alchemy.

This ancient yet timeless Hathorian rite (zie onze reis naar de Hathor Tempels in Egypte voor de heilige Hathorrites in voorbereiding en op 11-11-11) involved sacred symbolical ceremonies involving the laws of 3d to 12d transition, physical dissolution &  regeneration, resurrection and reincarnation. All were indeed  experienced by the prepared Initiate. The successful Initiate will/would  ascend etherically and sense Cosmic Mer-Ka-Na in the blue-indigo wave octave frequency of the ‘Blue Body’ in the spectrum of Ultraviolet Light.

The Blue Light Infinity Initiation  was introduced originally in Atlantis by Thoth. Thoth is an aspect of Metatron. It was an initiation of the Atla-Ra, and passed down over eons. It was used by the Hathors and the Arch-Priestess and Arch Priest of the AKHENATEN Mystery Schools. ( zie onze kerstmeditatie in dec 2006 bij de Ark en de opdrachten van Isis bij het installeren van de Arken, ieder die hierbij aanwezig was of meegewerkt heeft is een Arkpriester/es en wordt hier in de Tuin van de Moeder uitgenodigd om de Leringen der Mystieke Liefde te complementeren in het ultieme jaar 2012 ) It was rigorous and required total determination and discipline to be fully completed, correctly achieved. It was rarely completed in one ritual. The completion required multi-dimensional involvement of what may be termed the Divine Beingness of Higher Self, or the Oversoul.

 In most cases final Alchemical Mastery Initiation candidates did not physically survive the entombment of the sarcophagus , yet gained the ability to operate in ‘Blue Body’ etherically, often choosing to quickly reincarnate physically in order to take what was gained and attempt the Initiation again in physical form.

The Arch Priestess and Arch Priest were able to fully  communicate with the beings in the Ultraviolet Realm, and were aware of the reincarnational  plans of the Initiates. Accordingly birth time and place was perceived, and the reincarnated Initiates were raised from birth in the Monastery. This is precisely the experience of the channel in the era of Akhenaten, and also occurred with several that are to participate in the planned Pilgrimage of the 12th Wave. (zie onze reis naar de Grote Piramide in feb 2012)

The ancients knew that once completed successfully, the Initiate will have the ability to work in ‘Blue-Body’ or Ultraviolet Frequency, and as such could be said to no longer be subjected to death, illness or the limitations of linear time. It is therefore important to understand for many of you who died physically in the Initiation process, that physical death was not considered a failure, but rather a step in the process. For indeed the courage to take the step represented a success of tremendous will, and the intent carried the soul into the ultraviolet where the process of learning continued.

 It is in that concept and reality that it can be said that after the completed and successful Initiation , the Initiated One  will be a ‘ resurrected’ blue- body, having mastered within the ultraviolet realm the polishing of  judgment, forgiveness, compassion and the overcoming the  illusions of fear and separateness.

Masters of Blue Body who are not fully incarnate physically are at times able to manifest a semi lucid form of physicality on a temporary basis. The time-distorted truths that evolved into legends of the resurrection of Osiris and Jesua ben Joseph were based on blue body manifestations.

It is termed as a resurrection, only because most in linear physical biology have forgotten their true nature. In truth it is a re-connection to Divine Self. A rebirthing of the  ability to work in both duality frequency and non duality frequency of the non-polarized integrity of the  crystalline dimensions.

Many of you are drawn to re-enter the Chamber as an essential completion in physical. 


 It may be of interest for you to know that this Initiation in the Kings Chamber achievedwhat is also available in a different modality in what is termed Vision Questing, Ceremonial Dancing, and Shamanic Journey. The later involving the appropriate application of Sacred Plant Wisdom. Yet let us be clear, the current modalities of both are in most cases far removed from the ancient modality . The ancients employed more strenuous preparation disciplines, and rigorous pre- ceremony of purification rites.The original Ceremonies in the Infinity Chamber did not involve hallucinogenic plants. Later versions did. As has been noted in certain texts. 



Blue Aura

The Queens Chamber Initiation


E - Sacred Union


Duality Into Unality -Soul Merging ( onze Leringen der Mystieke Liefde I en II )

ISIS & The Felidae of Self Compassion & Integral Wholeness

 The Initiation of the Queens Chamber involved the wholesome integration of duality into sacred One-ness, the union of the male female aspect of gender polarity into wholeness.  

 There is experienced then, the blissful union of the male and female aspects of the Higher Self, of the integral individual, split into half in duality, and rejoining in higher dimension as the One, Androgynous Self. Understand then that you have lifetimes on the duality plane in both male and female gender. At any given time in your sojourns, the physical expression is either one or the other. But your true nature is above gender, above duality.

The other ‘half’ of you is then the true Twin Soul. In  the Queens Chamber you have the ability to rejoin into wholeness, to re-merge with the other half that was  in separateness as a requisite in duality. (de Leringen der Mystieke Liefde I kan nog gevolgd worden eind dit jaar en aansluitend kan men beginnen aan de Leringen der Mystieke Liefde II, die dan ook verder doorgaan in de Koningingenkamer van de Grote Piramide)

It is in fact necessary to re-merge both halves before one completes the ‘University of Earth Duality’.  The Great Pyramids offers an extremely unique portal aligned to Sirius (thuisplaneet van Lucia) that allows one to rejoin to balance the male and female into One-Ness.

Whether in a lifetime of Sacred Sovereignty of solitude,  as are many Master Souls, or whether in a bonded  relationship, the Initiation of Sirius in the Queens Chamber (tijdens onze reis mogelijk) offers balance into sovereignty. It allows wholeness within individuality. It allows balance in relationships and helps to eliminate co-dependency. The sovereign human is balanced and independent, and it is true that relationships of mutual love based on respectful non-dependence are healthier than relationships of dependency. In dependency one gives more than is received, and that lacks equity, and never is sustainable.

In this merge, in this ceremony, we individually can merge with our duality gendered aspect to become ONE.

 The energy that is experienced is a emotional and physical exhilaration that fully amplifies all chakras into sublime ecstasy, yet it is nonsexual in 3d terms.  It is singular reunion Tantric Bliss, that allowed the soul to be reunited in Ultraviolet, wholeness.

A cleansing and healing occurs, because of the requisite removal of recorded memory incidents in 3d of sexual misuse, physical aggrandizement in lower chakra, associated  guilt, and incidents of abuse.  These occur in both the male and female aspect and are made whole, obstacles that formed through these, wounds and fears, shame,  self denial , self persecution are removed in order to experience the purity of the reunion, and the ability to move fully into higher self.

Many experience a physical sexual arousal, but in what may be termed Tantric ideals, guiltless, pure, wholesome expression of the highest caliber of Love & Union,. It is based fully on highest chakra LOVE, appropriate sensation and loving aspect in the purest sense intended. And in this case the Union of the Twin Selves, into the ONE Ness (het heilige huwelijk, het bruidschap), the true and requisite  Love of Self as a vessel of the Divine. Incorporating all into pure Love.

Often the bliss of spiritual ecstasy, of orgasmic sensuality in purity, based full on combining the physical to the Divine takes place, in shame free acceptance of your true nature, the bliss of joining with the energy of the God-ness within you. The ability to Love Self. It is the Union with God. (het heilig huwelijk met Christus)

For the Initiate  the Goddess Isis (Maria), often appeared in the form of the Feline, the human Female form with the head of the Jaguar or Sacred Felidae. ..or as Isis accompanied by the Jaguar. The Feline & Female representing the nurturing and compassion aspects of Spirituality, the Jaguar representing strength and prowess.

The Ceremony enable the soul to find equitable balance in the aspects of the Divine Masculine and Divine feminine joining in the ONE Being in true nature of Divine Wholeness.  It was considered particularly effective in allowing males to discover and incorporating their nurturing qualities, and for females to incorporate their prowess and strength.  Before being able to move into Ultra-Violet Bluebody, it is requisite to balance the duality into Whole Integral Equity of Divine Oneness

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