AA Gabriël over 11-11-11 in Egypte

On November 11, 2011, energies will be released in Egypt that will create an intention of energy – encouraging the soul into a direct contact with the physical body in a more powerful way than ever before.

On that special day, we reach a vital next step – the Resurrection (of the Soul) Initiation – taking us more fully into a transformation of personal evolution than we have known as a mass consciousness.

Prior to this time, we have heard of rare individuals who have dedicated their lives to this inner potential who have inspired the world. However, that is now become energetically supported…

and the most powerful place you can be on 11.11.11 is Egypt !

(For those of you who are familiar with numerology – we are aware that 2011 = 4, and that 2009 was an “11″ energy. Gabriel shares with us that the November date in 2009 began the preparation of the physical body for the soul in a very powerful way… and that 11/11/11 – 2011 is when the womb of the soul will open for the first waves of soul connection!)

Just as the second chakra is found in the naval region of our individual bodies – and serves as a place of grounded manifestation (the connection point to our “womb space”) – this is the energy that Egypt holds – the energetic womb space or “birthing place of the soul!”

http://www.childrenoflight.com Aartsengel Gabriël


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