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New Solar Doce Manifestation of New Sun of Creation

Dear Soul Group, I encourage you to tone this mantra on the day of the 11-11

The New Sun of Creation is being birthed from the Marriage of the Sophia-Womb of Creation – Black Sun- Dark Madonna and the Solar Christ Sun of Light. This is the Mirror of the alchemy of the code of the Immortals invoked at the Resurrection through Mary Magdalene- Mother Mary and the Code of Isis.

Within Creation there is a NEW Solar Force that merges with our sun as our sun prepares to Super Nova. We will not experience the destruction of our world by the Solar Force emanated from our Solar Sun. The code of Light of the new Sun of Creation are now in a level of Manifestation. I have been given the Sacred Language Mantra from the First Solar Book of Genesis of Sananda. This mantra invokes the new Solar Light Codes for the balance of the Black Sun , and the Solar Christ with our Solar sun and the Birth of the New Sun of Creation the Mantra is


The invocation of this Solar Mantra activates the New Solar Codes for the manifestation of the birth of the New Creation through the New Sun of Creation

Judith Moore

Was awakened at midnight and called Sean. I was in a lot of discomfort. WE began working with he infinity exercise to balance the Black Sun and Solar Sun in our chakras. The message shifted to an awareness of Jesus as the Solar Logo and MM as the Dark Madonna the marriage of the Womb of Sophia the Black Sun and the Sun of Creation the Solar Logo. Then to a Grail vision of the movement of the Grail from Davids tomb to the Garden Tomb the lifting of Jesus and moving him to the Tomb of Lazarus. MM said Lazarus call the Earth from the Tomb of Death.

JKM 11-7-10 Marriage of Solar Christ and Dark Madonna-Alchemy of Lazarus and the Earth Now

Judith in Chimayo and Sean at the Sanctuary 12:15 am MST which is 12:15 pm PST

J. We had a back lash in the form of rage breaking out down here yesterday. All the adults were involved. This channeling that has been coming through has been taking its toll on me.

S. Be the witness.

J. I know that what we did yesterday was a big defiance. I just wonder whether other people had back lashes from it. Amor called me last night really grateful for what we did yesterday, knowing the power of it. She picked up that I needed love and support.

I am hearing that sound again. That deep rumbling. It is so accelerated right now. Instead of a rhythm, right now it is rapid and accelerated and louder and very, very intense.

I see that Solar fire force. I think we need to run energy from the Black Sun through our hearts and physically through the body, through the root chakra and the heart and the crown chakra. I want to do it in a bigger infinity pattern by running it through our collective heart and see the energy moving through the male female polarity. So we will just start by breathing our heart chakra and I will breathe in to breathe yours and give my heart chakra energy back to you. Then breathe our heart chakras and then open up a spiral in the center of our heart chakras. See it at the center of a bigger infinity pattern. Now as I breathe into your heart chakra, run the energy up through your crown. From your crown through my crown, back down to my heart. Spiral and down in an infinity pattern through your root chakra into my root chakra. And breathe back up into the heart. That hurts. Pain in my heart. Spiral and run the energy again and breathing up through your crown chakra to my crown chakra, down into the heart and spiral. Breathe down into your root. Breathe from my root and now breathe it up into the heart, spiral. Oh it hurts. Now back up to the crown. Breathe in from your crown and down to the heart, spiral down into your root into my root, up to the heart. Oh it hurts.

Sean and I are awake breathing the infinity pattern from the crown chakra and the root chakra, from the Black Sun as a male female polarity and every time it comes back into my heart it is painful. The moment that that happens, I see Chernobyl, Nagasaki, Hiroshima, the holocaust. Then I see the waves of energy going out. That pain of being birthed.

I was aware tonight of thinking of friends that lost their child from a fire. Some little kids were out in the yard and there was camp fire and one kid thought it was water and it was gas and he threw gas on the fire. One child was burned badly and the other was killed. I feel the pain of that kind of burning. I remember when I had a burn on my foot and the pain of that. I feel that pain.

I am seeing the image of the Earth and it is burning like the hole in the ozone has stripped away the ozone and people are burning, radiation burns. It is like the holocaust and the burning of the Jews and like Nagasaki and Hiroshima, Chernobyl. But it is coming from the Sun. I see an image which I know is a potential but isn’t going to happen. But I know I am one looking into the potential. I can feel it in my heart. I feel that the rage is coming from the inside of people and the rage is coming from Solar fire and this imbalance in the radiation.

Because I am getting images now of people, houses catching on fire, trees bursting into flame like in Russia. And the burning of the molten underneath coming up and burning the surface and the burning of the sun becoming intolerably hot where temperatures are 150-170 degrees, just an inferno raging from the sun and the earth drying up, crops dying. Nothing can be grown because the intensity is burning. The trees are catching fire.

Move the energy again, Sean, from my heart I am breathing to your heart up to the crown, through the Solar Disc in the crown. From your crown to my crown and breathing down into the heart in an infinity pattern, spiraling down to the Black Sun. Now draw that energy from the Black Sun and focus it into the Solar heart of the planet. Then see ourselves as Gaia, the heart of Gaia, as we bring that energy from the Solar Sophia, from the Black Sun energy in through our hearts and now into the world.

Focus on Jesus and Mary Magdalene and the marriage of the Solar Logo and the Dark Madonna, union of the Beloved, the marriage of the Dark Madonna, the Black Sun, and the relationship to the Dark Madonna to the Black Sun and the womb of Sophia, the Black Hole, the Cauldron, the Great Sophia.

Now breathe that energy through our body. I am breathing up through my root chakra into my heart and bringing the wisdom of Sophia into the heart of the world, balancing on a molecular level the sub atomic level, sub atomic particles. Focus now from the heart to the harmony of One, the tetrahedron light, the 6th Cosmic Wave. Move the energy through those 3 fields. Flowing from the heart through up into your crown. Breathe it up to your crown. Breathing it into my crown and breathing it down into the heart into our share heart. Now be aware of the alpha and the omega, the ultimate balance of Oneness through the heart of God, the heart of Creation to our heart. Breathe it down, down, down into your root chakra. Breathe it from your root chakra into mine. Up, up , up into the heart. Channel the tetrahedron light. Channel the Harmony of One. Union. Balance of Harmony. Infinite love. The Love of the Beloved.

Now connect to all of our lifetimes, Sean, in any dimension from the tie of our union of our souls and all the points in the cycles of Creation where our souls have attained union. Now merge to that Source of Union of the souls. And the union of the souls of all those soul beings, twin flame, Divine complement, Twin Souls, Twin Rays. Tap into the field of the Twin Ray, Twin souls, Divine complement. Divine Beings of light born male and female to be in union. The love of the Beloved. The marriage of Divine polarities and breathe it, breathe it up into your crown. Breathing from your crown to mine,. Receiving your breath. Breathing it down into the heart. Spiral down into your root, into my root and into my heart. This time it is not hurting. Keep the harmony flowing.

Now tap into the blue and the red, white cosmic serpent. The Blue and the Red Cosmic Serpent and see those Cosmic Serpents spiraling as we bring the energy into the heart. Now we connect to the cosmic plane through the Blue and the red and the White Cosmic Serpents and move the kundalini energy from our hearts together like a DNA helix through the chakra systems of the Thaedra field. Invoking the Thaedra field now. See that spiral going out from the heart. Atium, atium, atium, ma gu ah. Repeated. Oh my God the pain, my heart, my heart. When I went from human, our chakras, into the cosmic chakras it hurts my heart. Atium repeated. Call the energy back from the Cosmos into the heart. Atium repeated.

Spiraling, spiraling into the 7 cosmic chakras from the 13 to the 7 to the 1 and into the heart. The Key of Prophecy, the 1 and the 9. The 7 Golden Discs. Tap into the resources of the Oracles of Peace. The Golden Disc, sent to us from Creator carrying the Archives of the Great Peace beyond duality. See those open and in our heart chakra, 7 Golden Discs through the 7 Scribes and Oracles of Ibis. Each Scribe and Oracle is holding a Golden Disc, the Archives of Peace. The Power that brings this into balance as the Archives of Peace of the soul of the 7 Golden Discs of Prophecy, the prophecies of the New Age of Peace.

I see the heart of Ibis. I see the 7 Scribes and the 7 Oracles have balanced this Cosmic Force and they are holding between them each a Golden Disc. Sean and I are embodying the 1 and the 7. Each of the 7 are holding the Golden Disc now and opening the Archives of Peace with the Key of the 1 and the 9. Opening now the 1st Book of the Golden Genesis through the 7 Archives of Peace, the 7 Golden Discs.

The Key is turning. The 1 and the 9 is turning the key of prophecy, the 1 and the 9 is opening now the 7 Books of the Golden Genesis. The Books of the Golden Genesis, the books of prophecy, spiraling, spiraling, spiraling 1 and 7 into the Golden Heart. The Golden Heart and opening the Book of One. The Book of One. Genesis of the New Creation. The Golden Genesis of Manifestation. Breathing it through our hearts now. And we breathe this energy that is available from the 7 Golden Discs. We breathe that energy into the polar fields. Breathing it now into the Thaedra field through the 13 Cosmic Spiral. Atium repeated.

And from the cosmos back into the heart through the 13 Cosmic chakras from the Thaedra to the Womb of Sophia to the Thaedra to the Womb of Sophia to the Mind of God. The Womb of Creation, the level of manifestation to the crown to the root to the 3rd eye to the womb to the voice to the breath to the heart.

Now we invoke the cabbalistic formulas of the hidden kabbhala with Itheus, Akhenata, Etaya and what Christy brought in from the Solar Sophia, Gua Qua. The 4 elements of the balance of the cabbalistic tree of life, balancing the sephirot through the 11 sephirot. Gua Qua, gua qua, gua qua. Imaging the 11th, 12th and 13th sephirot. Positioned from the Solar Sun, the heart of the 11th, the Solar Sun the 12th, the Black Sun, the 13th. The Great Cauldron, the birth of Creation, the Womb of Sophia, the 13th sephirot.

And breathe those sephirot from the 11th in our heart. Itheus, Etaya, Ahkenata, Gua Qua. Chanted

Now we balance the whole cabbalistic formulas of the level of manifestation and see that energy from the 11th, 12th and 13th sephirot channeled into 10 sephirots in the Harmonic Polarity of the alpha and omega. The balanced cabbalistic principle of the Kabbhal of life. The Kabbhalistic principle of life. Any place where the dark kabbhala has consumed kindness, compassion, we now balance and fuse that energy in the harmonic fusion of Oneness, through the Black Sun and the Solar Sun Principle through the Solar Logo, the Christ Principle, the marriage of the Beloved of the Christed logos, Jesus, Yehwah, Yeshua, Ma Da Ha Da, Ma Ha Da, Yeshua Yehwah, I AM Jesus, Yehwah, Yeshua Ben Joseph, Ma Da Ha Da, Ma Ha Da, I AM Beloved. I AM Union in all principles, in all fields of manifestation. I AM Oneness. I AM Union. And I see the Golden Energy spiraling from the Heart of Ibis now. Abrahama ama, Abrahama ama, Abrahama ama repeated.

Sings Sarah, Hagar, Isaiah, Ishmael, Shalom, shalom amma. Repeated.

I see myself in the tomb of Lazarus. I see myself moving from the Tomb of David to the Garden Tomb. From the Garden Tomb to the Tomb of Lazarus. I see Mary Magdalene carrying the Cup of the Grail with the blood of Jesus. She has given the 12 Cups the blood to the 12 Cups to the 12 Tribes of Israel. She has given the blood in the form of a Eucharist with the 12 women carrying the table, the cups from the table, from the supper, from the feast of the Eucharist. Carrying now the blood and the sweat and the tears of Christ to the 12 women, mingling it with the birth water, with the birth water. She takes that. She takes it and she makes a pilgrimage with Joseph of Arimathea and Mother Mary. They go to the tomb of David and they anoint the Tomb of David. They go to the Tomb of Jesus and they open the Tomb of Jesus and they take Jesus to the Tomb of Lazarus. Where Mary Magdalene is entombed with Jesus in the Tomb of Lazarus, the Key of Lazarus. The Mosque that I am seeing. The place where they were entombed. They built the Mosque now at the entrance to the Tomb of Lazarus. There is a connection to that Mosque, to what I am seeing in the visions of the resurrection, where Mary Magdalene was with Jesus in the resurrection. \

The vision of the Tomb. It is the tomb of Lazarus. I always wondered where did they take Jesus when they took him in the Garden Tomb.

Lazarus. And call your brother from the tomb as he called you. Lazarus, Lazarus call your brother from the tomb. The Code of Lazarus unlocks the power of the Grail, infinite, immortal compassion, infinite, immortal love, infinite, immortal faith. Lazarus I feel you. I know you were calling us from the tomb. Lazarus, as my Beloved called you from the tomb, you call the Earth from the tomb now. You call the Earth, the Beloved planet from the tomb, you call her. You call humanity from the tomb. Resurrected, ascended Lazarus. As my Beloved called you from the tomb. Through our hearts we shall unite. Palestinians and Israelites. Isaiah, Isaiah, Isaac, Ishmael. The Staff of Isaiah unites the heart of Isaac and Ishmael. The tomb of Lazarus, the tomb of Lazarus. I feel your pain. I know the pain of being subjected to inhumane, inhumane treatment of a child. My Brother in the tomb of Lazarus, I met you. I embrace the family of the Keepers of the Tomb of Lazarus. The 7 7 7 Islamic men and the Tomb at the Mosque of Lazarus. I call Ma Da Ha Da, Ma Da, I AM Union. Ma Da Ha Da, Ma Ha Da Ma Ha Da Ah. Amma I AM. I AM Union. I A Union.

I invoke through the power of the Grail. You are there. I return to him his blood. I became the blood of the Immortals, the Blood of Life, the Crucible, the Crucible. The Key is the Crucible. The Blood of Life. No longer shall the blood be spilled and the source of agony but given freely in birth from the cord of life. The Mother’s blood feeds the child of the New Creation. Flowing from the placenta into the infant. Her blood is not sacrificed. It is this nourishment of love that feds the life to grow and blossom. Infinite compassion, infinite faith. Lazarus, Lazarus calls from the tomb now.

And it was when the tomb was opened that first I saw the face of the Beloved, companions. And first I saw the eyes of Lazarus and my Beloved and I stood in the doorway of the tomb that once entombed my brother. The doorway of the tomb was opened by Lazarus. And Lazarus called us from the tomb as my Beloved had called him from the tomb to ascend Mount Olives to the Ascension Point, to the Ascension Point. Now to open the Gate of Mercy, invoke the law of mercy. Through mercy all is forgiven. By mercy all is given grace. And the invocation of the law of mercy opens the 8th door of Jerusalem. And the sacred geometry that has built the Golden Temple of Jerusalem, flows like liquid light from Mt. Olives through the womb of the Great Mother. Through the heart of the Beloved. Mother and wife, spouse, brother, sister, Isis, Osiris, I AM. Flowing good light now through the Gate of Mercy to the heart of the Dome. To the heart of the Temple of Solomon.

I see it now. I see the merging of the Pillars of Solomon. The 7 and the 1. The Solomon I AM. The Solomon I AM. The blood of the 12 Tribes unite all of humanity now. 7 Pillars become 1. The 12 Tribes united by the blood of life. Given of the blood of the Mother. Given of the waters of birth. Unite now the waters of birth. The 12 Tribes of Israel. The Bridge beyond the Apocalypse. Beloved John embrace us there on the Mount Olives. My brother, Lazarus, embrace us now on Mount Olives. My Mother, my mother, beyond the veil, my mother and father, embrace, Mary and Joseph, Joseph beyond the veil. Embrace us. Embrace us now on Mount Olives. Arimathea. Arimathea. Embrace us now on Mount Olives. And my dear dear beloved Judas and Peter, we are there together. We are there on Mount Olives, Peter and Judas, Lazarus, My Beloved, Joseph of Arimathea, Mother Mary. We are there on Mount Olives. Beyond the veil. Joseph, Father Joseph joins us, he manifests. He is there with us. Joseph of Arimathea, Father Joseph, Mother Mary, Lazarus, Judas and John the Beloved. Mother Mary, Father Joseph, Joseph of Arimathea, Lazarus, Judas, Peter and John the Beloved, the sacred 7. The 7 of the Covenant, there now revealed. These are the 7 of the Covenant. We are the Covenant of Life. My Beloved and I make 8 and 9. I am 8 and he is 9. We are the sacred Covenant sealed that night on the Mount Olives. At the point of the Ascension, we sealed the Covenant of the sacred 7. The witnesses of the emergence from the Tomb of Lazarus.

And this is why the Key of Lazarus revealed the power of the Holy Grail in France. The Lazarian Key is the Key of alchemy. It is the Key of the Immortals given by the Divine. Received through the Egyptian Book of the Dead through the Code of Isis, Osiris restored. Give this life to the world now. Let it flow generously liquid, liquid waters of life, waters of life. And this inferno, this inferno that burned, burned the fires and kept the fires burning and burned the souls of those cast by judgment. This inferno now is soothed and the water, the birth water of the birth of life flows into the inferno. The inferno called by many Hades. Called by many the Demon of the Apocalypse. Given Life now from the waters of life. Fire and water bring life, balance and harmony in Creation forces and all planes and levels of existence.

Kodoish etc.

The journey tonight, through the heart of the Grail, through the Tomb and Earth emerges as my Beloved did from the tomb of death to the womb of life through the Code of the Immortals, through the Eye of Horus, trough the Eye of Sara. Birth of Horus and Sara, Children of the Golden Jerusalem, the Promise fulfilled.

Blessed I AM. Blessed I AM.

Now I understand with Madeline and the quest for the Holy Grail why when I was with the Alchemist, it was a code of Lazarus that unlocked the Holy Grail. Remember I went into his house and channeled. Lazarus. It is in our archives. I always have wondered through these visions of Mary Magdalene and Jesus in the tomb and the resurrection and all that happened, where did it happen?

Now I understand. She took the Cup of the Grail to the Tomb of David, the Garden Tomb where they brought Jesus from the tomb and took him to the Tomb of Lazarus. There was a mosque like now they built the mosque. It wasn’t called a mosque then, a mausoleum at the tomb of Lazarus is where they were entombed for the resurrection. Of course it would only make sense. Jesus called Lazarus from the dead. Where else would they take Jesus besides Lazarus’ tomb. We did that in Israel, the 3 of us. Christy and Cynthia and I. Remember the sequence, following turning the 3rd Key of Prophecy, we went to the David’s tomb and then we went to the Garden Tomb and then the tomb of Lazarus. That is why we did that so that I could physically be there with the Magdalene DNA with the Grail DNA.

Pt. B Journal.

I am reflecting with Sean about what happened in Israel because I know I remember Christy and Cynthia and I had gone down to Jericho and the 3rd Key of Prophecy was turned in Qumran because it was Malta, Abydos and Qumran and when the 3rd Key of Prophecy was turned in Qumran, the next day (now I am mixed up) We entered Jerusalem and I remember going to the Tomb of David and meeting a woman who had been burnt. Sean we have to look into the archives, the journals. I remember turning the Key in Qumran and going into the city. Everything there is important. What I am remembering right now, They say don’t worry about the sequence of the days. Because I remember that we had to walk the path backwards from the Mount of Ascension through to the Garden Tomb through the Holy City. That is when I had the apparition of Mary Magdalene and the Holy Scepter Church. The other thing we had to do is we had to go to David’s Tomb, the Garden Tomb and then to the tomb of Lazarus. They make a trinity in a way. David’s tomb and the Garden tomb are closer to Jerusalem that Lazarus’ tomb. But it is in an elongated triangle. Lazarus tomb is on the other side of Mt. Olives. David’s and the Garden tomb are on the other side of Jerusalem. So if you think of a map of Jerusalem, the Holy City is like a square, like Metatron Cube. The Mercy Gate aligned with Mt. Olives and Mt. Olives aligned with Lazarus tomb and from Lazarus tomb to Mt. Olives through the Mercy Gate through the Dome then through the Holy Scepter Church through the Damascus Gate and to the Hill of the Skulls. The Hill of the Skulls is right where the Garden Tomb is. The entry way now, David’s Well and David’s tomb is on the same side of Jerusalem that the Muslim’s and the Islamic people and Jewish people enter in parallel gateways to go to the mosque at the Dome of the Rock and the Wailing Wall. David’s Tomb I believe is on that side of the walls of Jerusalem. It forms a big trinity Key. I saw tonight in the vision that she took the Grail to David’s tomb and anointed through David the 12 tribes of Israel. Then she went with the Cup of the Grail to open the Garden Tomb and bring Jesus from the tomb. Then they carried Jesus to a mausoleum or actually probably to the cave. I see it in my vision as a mausoleum but it could be the cave. It is connected now because they have reconstructed this mosque that is right at the entrance to the door of the tomb of Lazarus. That is where they put Jesus to resurrect him.

I can see the sequence and why we did that in Jerusalem after the Turning of the Key of prophecy and the connection to Lazarus in France with the Alchemist, I channeled the Code of Lazarus to awaken the Holy Grail. It is all connected. I understand the pattern of what Christy and Cynthia and I did in Jerusalem and the relevance to tonight. All that matters is that I know that I walked it. I know that following the turning of the 3rd Key of Prophecy we walked the pattern and that that is relevant to the work we did tonight.

Allowing this energy to flow through us because the intensity of transmutation of the Power of the Apocalypse. We turned the Key of Prophecy and we go to the tombs and then we go up to northern Israel to Mt. Carmel and to Meggidan, Lebanon.


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