over Aartsengel Gabriël


Archangel Gabriel and Archeia Hope

Archangel Gabriel, whose name means God is my strength or Man of God, serves on the white ray of purity. Archangel Gabriel is recognized by the three major Western religions—Judaism, Christianity and Islam. In Islam, he is the angel who delivered the Koran to Muhammad; in Christianity, he is the angel messenger who announced to Mary that she was to be the mother of Christ.

Archangel Gabriel and his twin flame, Archeia Hope, assist lightbearers in working with the energy in the base-of-the-spine chakra and in mastering qualities of the white ray—purity, order, hope, joy and discipline. The seraphim of God also serve with Gabriel and Hope. The seraphim come bearing the light of the Father-Mother God. They can literally place their presence over us and we can absorb that light and energy into our bodies as a sponge absorbs water. When we desire to unite with divine consciousness through purity of body, mind and soul, these angels can help us raise the kundalini to achieve that goal.

Often depicted with a trumpet,  Archangel Gabriel is the archangel of the annunciation, heralding to each soul of light the good news of the path of the ascension and their ultimate union with God. He has made that announcement to many of us, resulting in the sudden realization that we are being called home and have much work to do to balance our karma and achieve that end. Regarding working toward this goal, Gabriel has emphasized that serious spiritual seekers should determine to know, to have and to hold light, and to be the servant of light while they are becoming masters of the light.

Give the following fiat to fill yourself with light, energize your spiritual path and help propel you to your ascension:

In the name of Gabriel and Hope, I AM a holy one of God!


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