Gelukkig Nieuwjaar

Gelukkig Nieuwjaar !

Lucia en Rudi

2010 de prille energie van het Nieuwe Begin

13, Een Nieuw Begin

Mediteren in het Licht van de Blauwe Lotus onder begeleiding van Ascended Master Lady Lotus

Kennismaking met de prille energie van de 13 de straal

woe 13 januari 2010

zat 13 maart 2010

om 20 u in de Tuin van de Moeder

Liefs, Lucia

Lieve vrienden,
Na onze intense werking met de Tuin van de Moeder in 2009 op verschillende krachtplaatsen
mogen we ons nu verheugen op een zeer nieuw energieveld dat hier in de Tuin van de Moeder verankerd mag worden.
Het energieveld van de Blauwe Lotus, het energieveld dat resoneert met het getal 13.
We krijgen hierbij veel ondersteuning van onze hemelse en cosmische vrienden.
We werken hiervoor immers intens samen met de hogere dimensies.
Voel je je geroepen om dit prille en zeer fijne energieveld mee op aarde te introduceren, wees dan van harte welkom.
Wij vragen u dan wel om u hierop voor te bereiden en u te zuiveren met het violette vuur gedurende de 13 dagen voorafgaand aan deze meditatie (van 1 tot 13 januari), een ideale intentie voor het begin van het Nieuwe Jaar.
Zuiver uw hele wezen met het violette vuur, laat uw heel wezen ermee doordringen,
roep hiervoor dit vuur aan, roep de hulp in van St Germain, hij zal u hierbij bijstaan als Chohan van de Nieuwe Tijd,
van het Aquariustijdperk dat nu aanbreekt en dat zuivere en zachte zielen nodig heeft om het mee te helpen verankeren.
Want de energie van de Blauwe Lotus is uiterst zacht en liefdevol, nog broos…..
We worden hierin begeleid door Ascended Ladymaster Lotus. bekend als Jeanne d’Arc.
Voel in uw hart en weet. Ben je geroepen?
note ; zuiveren met het violette vuur is nu zeer belangrijk, lees bij reacties hieronder de doorgave van Metatron via Tyberonn hierover.

Een gedachte over “Gelukkig Nieuwjaar

  1. Lucia zegt:

    The Alchemy of 2010 Archangel Metatron Channel with Saint Germain via James Tyberonn Greetings Masters, I am Metatron Lord of Light, and I greet one and all in a vector of unique spacial energy, imbued with unconditional Love. And so we gather to speak of the coming year, of the energies new and old, great and greater as we approach with you the heralded Ascension. Masters, 2010 will be a powerful year, a year of great unfolding, a mile-marker yet closer to the Galactic Centering of the Ascension. The year of 2010 has within it some extraordinary Gateways, and these should be utilized, must be entered. We bid you to focus attention to the junctures and potentials of your life\’s pathway to greater extent than you already have. You see, the graduation you have worked toward and waited many many lifetimes to participate within is here now. Truly you are in the final 3 years of a 26,000 year cycle toward Galactic Centering. The 3 years that remain until 2012 is but a tiny fraction .00011 of the 26,000 year cycle. The Ascension in many ways, is indeed happening Now. So as you enter 2010, use wisdom as to how & with whom you interact. Raise your frequency by being even more open to new potentials. Judge not your experiences nor that of others, for all are experiencing the trail and error growth toward the Crystalline Vibration of Impeccability. Masters, understand that it is imperative to be fully present, fully in the \’NOW\’ , well grounded on the Earthplane, as you seek to rise in vibration and dimension. This is especially true during the ongoing retrograde phases of the planets Mercury, Mars and Saturn. Place your full focus, full attention in each moment and not elsewhere so that you do not miss what you have longed to experience. Follow the example of your planet Earth, and cleanse and purge what no longer serves a purpose in your life. Utilize the extraordinary gateways occurring on the Equinoxes, Solstices, Triple Date Portals, Eclipses and alignments. The eclipse of Dec 31 and the eclipse of Jan 15 are coded with enormous energies cascading the Earth. What awaits you in the first 2 weeks of 2010 is the completion of the Triad Stargates of 2009. The period to go inward and resolve. Yet it is a coin of two sides, and indeed these energies will be among the most opportune and yet difficult of the year for many.Experience these eclipsical gates in solitude. Share the Equinoxes, Solstices and Triple Stargates in group. Discover like minded seekers, kindred spirits on the path who are devotedly prepared to take the next step in discovery. Then do so in group, for there is exponentially more force in unity than in separateness. We acknowledge and honor this special communication and assay. And so how may we assist you further this auspicious day, Dear One.Question to Metatron: Can you describe the effects of the Mercury Retrograde, Full Moon Eclipse, and Solar Eclipse occurring between Dec 31 and January 15th?AAMetatron: Indeed, but we have a special Beloved Guest present to address this most pertinent topic, that of the energies of 2010. For to optimally deal with the unique complexities of the coming energies, the energies of the Violet Flame are quite condusive, quite complimentary for naviagating the energies that are cascading the planet at this time. We have the presence and Divine Master of the Violet Ray, the Beloved Sainte Germain. Indeed Sainte Germain is the Earth-Guardian of the Aquarian Age, as Jeshua ben Joseph was the Earth-Guardian of the Piscean Age. Sainte Germain has had recent of sojourns on your planet, and as Comte de Sainte Germain, mastered the Art & Sciences of that termed Astronomy, Astrology, and Alchemy. All of these subject matters are Metatronic in nature & frequency, you see. And although he is of the Family of Archangel Michael, his studies in the science of Astrology is Metatronic. We adjust the energy and create the entry vector in kind.(Pause) Sainte Germain: I bid fondest salutations ! I AM that I AM. And I am an honored guardian of service to the Earth & Humanity in this Age! Indeed before the Earth was formed I walked with all of you. Each of you is known to my soul, by heart and by name, in all of your facets and lifetimes. You are known to my soul, for we have dreamed the dream of the Ascending Earth, together of this time, throughout time. You are, indeed Beloved, unto I, unto Creator God, unto all of us of the Cosmic Council of Light. I stand before you now as special envoy of the Ascension within that called the Aquarian Age.And so again, I embrace each of you in joy & fondest Salute! I am what you may think of as a \’modern\’ Ascended Master, closely connected to many of you. Indeed I walked several lifetimes with the channel, and in many sojourns, studied I, the Science of the Stars. And the science and art of Astrology is the knowledge of space and time. Perfectly scored to accommodate every intrinsic autonomous form, the Law of Time is supreme in its creative power to make all movement and measure into art with the brush & paint of exquisite gateways imbedded in the canvas, the fabric and tapestry of linear movement you call time.Know Ye, that your physical reality is mass/energy embedded in its space-time matrix continuum in a matrix of or double duality, duality within polarity. Thus the resonant harmonics of one inertial reality is induced into the electro-magnetic context of all subsequent space/time holograms through unique frequencial gravity waves and geometric (Metatronic) light codes formed & projected by all Celestial bodies. Thus does the Alchemical Science of Astronomy/Astrology affect the Earth and Mankind. Now, I shift into more understandable terminology & vernacular as I speak to your specific inquiry. The first 2 weeks of 2010 will be difficult, yet compelling. So fasten your etheric seat belts everyone, and hold on tight! Mars & Mercury just joined Saturn in retrograde, there is a full moon lunar eclipse on Dec 31st,2009 and a new moon solar eclipse on January 15th. The first 2 weeks of 2010 will be both trying and compelling. A unique energy is cascading the planet with the Quadrantids Meteor Shower occuring on January 3rd to further heighten the cocktail of intense energies. Solarwinds from increased activity in sunspots are adding to a fractal energy occurance in this extremely potent phase. It can in essence feel like taking one step backward before taking two steps forward, yet within this \’Quinfecta\’ is a great opportunity for realization. It is a crucible of magnaminous proportion. So Masters, it is well to place the focus on the two steps forward, as indeed this trying phase can also be a powerful cleansing tool if well utilized. But take note ! Unguarded, this can be a time of weary lassitude. Indeed, as the exalted Lord Metatron has told you, the mass of humanity expends more energy during the months of December and January than they receive, and this oft result in a post holiday lull of diminished vitality and depression.During the period of which you speak Saturn is also retrograde, adding to the intensity. Saturn then governing in this time, life purpose influenced by the Cancerian and Capricornian aspect & energies. You may then be surprised that I tell you, the trifecta of Mercury, Saturn, Mars Retrograde, combined with the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse and New Moon-Solar Eclipse are the perfect complement to the advent of the Triad Stargates, that of the double date 11-11, 12-12 and 12-21 Solstice of 2009. The Triad Stargates were the crucible, the bubbling up and surfacing of hidden obstacles, blockages that impede your growth into the Crystalline vibration of \’Impeccability\’. And this will come full circle in the first 2 weeks of 2010. Time to get on the wagon or be left behind! For all is quickening in the \’crucible\’ of the Quintfecta. And so we see that the Full Moon\’s lunar eclipse is within the influence of Cancer & Capricorn. It is then the axial integration of heart/home with 3d-world, and requires/offers the tedious balancing of the two. When eclipses fall in Cancer and Capricorn one faces a need to find equilibrium. It becomes an amplified crucible, a crisis in direction. Yet each eclipse has an effect not measured in pure astrological gravities, each then is unique and influenced by the flux of the human evolvement at the time, you see. Tailored then to the need of both Earth & Humanity within the linear time continuance, the Quintfecta will be a time of \’double-edge\’ that for many will be somewhat anxious, contentious and lethargic. Yet also provide opportunity for further inward resolve. The Mercury retrograde in tandem with the 2 eclipses is a \’Quintfecta\’ of gravities that brings a \’Rubik\’s Cube\’ of juxtaposed issues that were brought to the forefront in the Triad Stargates, and enables them to be deeply reviewed and resolved. The New Moon Solar Eclipse on January 15th is extremely potent for the enactment of the new resolutions.

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